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Articles Categorized in: Top List

Cordless Drills for Women

James Brown once claimed that it was a “Man’s World”. Maybe it was in 1966, but that was a long time ago. We manly men often loathe to admit it, but our bruised egos have finally accepted that women really can do anything that we can do. This truth extends from the office to the home, and now to that last bastion of manliness- the garage. No longer does the wife yell at her husband when a picture needs to...
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Cordless Drill for Woodworking

So You Need a Cordless Drill for Woodworking! Maybe you’re a weekend woodworker who spends his/her time away from the stuffy confines of the modern office building in the garage, turning discarded pieces of barn wood into chic farmhouse benches that’ll impress Pinterest followers. Maybe you’re a homegrown handyman willing tackle any home improvement project with enough zeal to embarrass Bob Villa. Whichever category you fall into, the chances are that you understand the importance of having a quality cordless...
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Top 5 Cordless Drills on the Market (Infographics)

We have left no stone right-side-up to seek out the most effective top 5 cordless drills on the market. On most occasions, client reviews on several website were consulted. Instead of simply choosing those with the most affordable value or the best power rating, we tend to searched for power drills that provided sturdy power ratings, came loaded with options, embraced technology and innovation, and makers who stood by their merchandise through warrantee or guarantees. Since what charms to at least...
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