12 Top Power Tool Brands

12 Top Power Tool Brands

Some tools just come in a cut above the rest, and there’s a trend there.

Whether it’s a cordless drill, jig saw, or brad nailer, all the best versions of these tools come from an elite set of brands.

You know many of them well, because they’re the brands your father uses; the companies that carpenters, contractors and DIY warriors put their faith in time and time again.

These power tool brands are the gold standard, even though many of them don’t come with a gold-tier price attached. Let’s talk about them, show you what makes them unique (and valuable), and why they deserve a space in your toolbox.

12 Top Power Tool Brands

1. Dewalt


You know them, you love them, and so do we: Dewalt is the king of the hill when it comes to power tools.

They’ve been working since 1922, when Raymond DeWalt made the first woodworking machine that was viable enough to use for productivity.

Since then, as they say, the rest is history. Dewalt has been the leading brand in power tools because they put durability before everything else.

With some of the longest R&D phases in the power tools industry, they really put the pedal to the metal and make sure everything is perfect before it sends off.

Their batteries last longer, their tools are trusted by more carpenters and contractors than any other brand, and they’re consistent. Dewalt constantly offers excellent warranties that back up their dedication to making superior tools for tough jobs.

Their 12V MAX lineup has some of the longest battery retention times and most amount of recharge cycles, while their innovative designs in breakaway reciprocating saw blades and even on-site Wi-Fi hotspots to stay connected to your team/project lead at all times.

They’re always thinking ahead, and focusing on taking the right steps so that you can, too.

2. Bosch


While they sometimes play second fiddle to Dewalt, Bosch is all about power and excellence.

They put a heavy focus on power tools for professionals, meaning you can encounter some high-powered tools that contractors, carpenters, and corporations trust to get the job done.

From easy product registration to extensive warranties, they offer a variety of tool services including cheap replacement parts, product safety information, and service center locations.

Their customer service is top-notch, and with over 125 years in the business, they know how to solve problems before they become bigger issues.

Cordless power drills, hole saws, wood planers, oscillating multi-tools, and over twenty-five other major tool groups are all manufactured by Bosch. This household name provides some of the best quality in the business, if you have the budget to afford it.

They’re leading the innovative charge with new products such as the self-leveling rotary laser, brushless angle grinders, and cordless drills with longer battery lives and stronger chasses. If you want durability and you’re willing to pay for it, Bosch is your go-to brand.

3. Black & Decker


If there’s one household name that we know well, it’s the most budget-friendly bunch on any department store shelf: Black & Decker. They’re one of the few exceptions to the old saying of “You get what you pay for.”

Black & Decker provides inexpensive solutions for power tools like cordless drills, electric screwdrivers, electric sanders, and even outdoor gear like weed wackers and leaf blowers. While they’re ridiculously inexpensive, they don’t let that take away from quality.

You get star-studded warranties that cover everything you need, and while they don’t run as long as Bosch or Dewalt warranties, Black & Decker doesn’t output low-tier products – they build them for life, and hope your tools neve even need the warranty.

One of their greatest features in the versatility in their 20V battery packs. As part of their 20V MAX lineup, you can use these packs for an extremely wide range of tools, including just about everything I mentioned before.

These packs are versatile, and since most Black & Decker products come with one, you slowly build a collection of half-a-dozen or so battery packs, allowing you to always stay charged, regardless of what tool you’re using or task you’re tackling.

4. Milwaukee


Milwaukee found that perfect sweet spot in between budget-friendly pricing and being heavy duty.

I would say that they’re not as powerful as Bosch, but they’re right up there for the DIY handyman, weekend warrior, and just about any job that works in commercial contractor work.

Milwaukee has a long line of manual tools, such as tape measures, screwdrivers and what not, and their attention to sturdiness and quality has stood out among everyone else.

They’re constantly innovating their products, and while they want to help you get the big jobs done, they have plenty of low-voltage lithium-ion tools for the handyman on-the-go.

As they call it, they’re fans of disruptive innovation – changing the status quo of the tools world and just doing things better than they did before.

That’s what we all want in a power tool brand, and it shows in their customer service, warranty fulfillment, and overarching quality that spans into every tool they produce. If you want a brand that doesn’t let you down and doesn’t disappoint, Milwaukee is where it’s at.

5. Makita


Japanese power tools are a different breed, and they can do some amazing things.

Makita has that dark blue that’s synonymous with all their products; the second you see it, you know it’s a Makita. From lawncare to power tools, manual tools and more, they dabble in just about everything.

One of their greatest achievements is power consumption. Their batteries last longer, and not just because they’re built better, but because they optimize every aspect of their power tools to reduce the amount of electricity you’re using.

Whether it’s a plug-in or a lithium-ion, that’s something that we can all get behind.

In terms of versatility, they have a wide range of functions on these tools that make them incredibly viable.

As a series of power tools, they’re awesome, but as a company, they’re even better. Warranties, customer service, and all those things you don’t think about until you need them are all covered.

6. Ryobi


Ryobi is the brand of deals. Whether you want additional battery packs, drill bits, sander sheets or what have you, Ryobi offers a great deal on just about everything.

One of their most popular items is the 18V ONE+ combination kits, including cordless drills, an electric saw, and more.

If you’re just getting started in carpentry and you need a lot of tools without spending a lot of cash, this is your go-to. Apart from their bulk deals, Ryobi also manufactures some of the best, longest-lasting batteries in the world.

Just like Makita with their blue, you’ll know Ryobi green when you see it. All these tool brands talk about innovation and making something extraordinary, but Ryobi delivers on that claim.

They offer Ryobi TV, where you can learn about tools, how to maintain them, and what you can build with them in your arsenal.

Ryobi offers contents, memberships, program perks, and campaigns to help you achieve more DIY prowess every single time you pick up their tools.

Overall, they’re a very hands-on brand that gives an extraordinary amount of value in everything they provide. Their warranties are agreeable, and their customer service won’t leave you scratching your head.

7. Hitachi


You might know them as Koki Holdings or Metabo HPT, because they’ve had to change their names a lot. That being said, they’re still the same great brand that you’ve always known and loved.

Hitachi is another Japanese brand that really shows what it’s all about through quality and giving you the best possible bang for your buck.

While they’re among the more premium variety of Japanese power tools, their prices are still favorable compared to some American brands that we’ve shown here today. All of them are good, but Hitachi really tries to squeeze in as much value as possible.

Hitachi wants to make it easy to get spare parts, which is why they offer inexpensive replacements that don’t run your wallet into the ground. Shipping can be a problem when it comes to cost sometimes, but that’s because the parts are coming straight from Japan.

As we know with just about any Japanese company, they’re dedicated to customer service and warranty fulfillment, while also offering perks and email coupons for their products from time to time.

Hitachi isn’t on the forefront of innovation like some of their competitors, but instead, they take what they’re good at and run home with it. If you need inexpensive tools that won’t let you down, from manual to power tools, they’ve got you covered.

8. Craftsman


Another household name for sure – Craftsman is an old-fashioned company with new spins on popular tools that make it wholly enjoyable to use them.

They don’t just stop in the garage, though; Craftsman makes shredders, log splitters, multi-tools, lawn mowers, chainsaws, garage door openers, and even kids toy variants of their most popular tools.

With nearly a century in business, they’ve delved into every corner of the power tool space that you can imagine.

They strive to be the household name that’s synonymous with every task, chore, and DIY fix-it-all that you need to do around the house. So far, we’d say they’re doing a pretty good job at maintaining that reputation.

While this is all about power tools, it’s good to know that Craftsman also comes out with the most reliable manual tools out there, specifically their wrench and hammer lineup.

When the electricity goes out and the power packs run dry, you can use your might and their steel to carry out the remainder of your job.

This list isn’t in any particular order for any reason, because how could you compare everyone to Craftsman? How could you compare most of these brands when they’re neck-and-neck in this space?

Here’s a bit of a kicker, though: Craftsman is owned by Stanley Black & Decker (yes, those ones), so you can expect the same dedication to quality and longevity that you get from those other products as well.

9. Kobalt


Kobalt is one of the only brands to put out longer-lasting batteries that really hold up to their name. Their 24V MAX lineup is basically a souped-up version of every other cordless battery pack that you’ve ever used, which (as you imagine) is very exciting to us.

From their selection of air tools to mechanic and hand tools, they have a little bit of everything. But it’s not just their catalog that makes them special – they’re basically the go-between if you don’t want to choose a more expensive brand, but still need some power.

We’ve talked a lot of high points on this list, but Kobalt does have a few issues here and there.

Their battery packs last, but don’t have as many charge cycles as others. You might need to replace them every 1.5 years or so, and since they’re 24V (on most products), it’s a little more expensive.

Their warranties are there, but they’re short and only cover manufacturer defects for the most part. Customer service is good and they respond quickly, so even if there are problems, they’ll be resolved quickly.

10. Ridgid


This is one of the underdogs that not a lot of people see, but Ridgid is a division of Emerson Electric—an all-American brand that’s been manufacturing quality, inexpensive electronics and tools for decades.

The reason you haven’t heard of them is because they’re relatively small: their cordless tool lineup isn’t vast, so you’re not going to see a wide variety.

But of the variety that you do have access to, they put their heart and soul into making them effective and durable above all else.

In short, Ridgid is a quality over quantity type of brand, and while you can expect to have them for a long time, they’re a grade below Bosch or Dewalt.

Ridgid lives by their name, though: you can drop these things a hundred times over, and the chassis aren’t going to crack, nor are the battery packs going to pop out. Even if they don’t last you a lifetime, they’ll last you through a thousand slips and mistakes.

11. Skil

12 Top Power Tool Brands 1

Skil is known as the brand that gives long, comprehensive warranties while keeping things on the cheaper side.

Their saws and drills are their strongest assets, whether they’re plug-ins or 20V powered, and they hold up against the grain (and more).

Just about everything you get from Skil comes with a five-year warranty on board, which helps prevent issues against manufacturer defects, and a few other bits and bobs along the way (depends on what item/warranty coverage details).

Known for taking their power to a new level, Skil makes electric lawnmowers and bench tools, as well as manual tools, cleaning tools and drivers, and their battery packs, which continue to stand up against their competitors.

Fitted with PWRAssist and PWRJump, you get the same consistent power throughout your entire battery usage. It doesn’t start to lose torque when the battery levels get low.

Instead, it pulls on through and shuts down before that happens, so you can keep a consistent job the entire way through.

12. Bostitch


Last on our list is a long-standing Dewalt-compared brand that sports some of the same yellow colors as their counterpart, but packs in a different grade of performance.

From box staplers to hammer tackers, nailers and pliers to roofing gear, Bostitch is a Jack-of-all-trades kind of brand.

If I had to choose, I would say they’re best known for their brad nailers and roofing nailers.

With an outstanding attention to detail and compact performance, Bostitch is one of those brands that you’re going to see in your garage for the next thirty years, because their tools continue to last against the test of time year after year.

From accessories to extended warranties, Bostitch aims to be one of the last brands you ever need to buy. To sing their praises, they’re one of the most comprehensive and rapid tool repair services of any major brand that we’ve seen.

When you contact them, you’re met almost immediately with a solution that ensures you’re going to be taken care of. At the end of the day, Bostitch tools are what you’ll be using for long enough that even your children will begin to craft their trade on this brand.

The Best Power Tools Brands on the Market

Hands down, you’re looking at a collection of the 12 best power tools brands available for purchase.

Between warranties, customer service, torque, quality, pricing and overall longevity, you just can’t outmatch the elite twelve power tool brands. I’d be surprised if some of these weren’t already in your tool box right now.

To see some serious coverage of different cordless drills (and other tools) that these brands put out, check out our buying guides.

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