How To Take Care of Your Power Tools

Performing both small and large projects around your home usually involves the use of tools. Some tools are expensive, and others are more budget friendly, but they all require proper care and maintenance if you want to keep them for a long time. Keeping your tools in great shape can save you money and help you to have functioning items on hand when it is time to finish your next project. Let us now review some of the steps that every homeowner should understand about caring for their tools.


Storing your tools. When it comes to keeping your tools safe, it is important to store them in an area that is free from moisture and outdoor elements. Make sure to keep your tools neatly stored in a tool box, or if they do not fit in a box, in a garage, shed or other enclosed area. This will protect your tools from rust and corrosion, which can both happen quickly when tools are exposed to the elements.


Inspecting your equipment. Before each use and on a semi-annual basis, inspect your home improvement equipment for damage or disrepair. If you notice a loose cord, consider repairing it with electrical tape or replacing it, if necessary, to keep your tool in safe working order. If you notice a small amount of rust, sand it off to keep the rust from spreading and causing further damage. If your tools have moving parts, make sure they are well oiled and cleaned on a regular basis. Doing this will keep your tools lasting for a long time, and it can also be important to protect your safety when you use some of your more dangerous equipment.


Sharpening your equipment. Some home improvement tools, such as saws or cordless drills, contain blades that can become dull with use and time. While this is a natural occurrence, you want to make sure to catch the problem before using your tools on your next project. Dull blades can lead to poor cuts, injuries for the user and poor finished craftsmanship. Avoid this by having your blades professional sharpened whenever necessary, or at least on an annual basis. This is a task that is better left to the professionals who have the proper tools to sharpen your blades correctly. It is not a project that is well suited for most do it yourself individuals.


Finally, keep your tools clean. When your project involves sawdust, paint, metal shavings or outdoor elements, your tools will get dirty. Leaving them dirty can result in build up, corrosion, rust and other damage. In order to prevent this, make sure to properly clean your tools after every use. How you will clean your tools varies depending on the tool, so research the proper methods and follow them with care. Doing this will help your tools to enjoy a long life, and it will help you to avoid the frustration of not having working tools when it is time for your next project.


Taking care of your tools is very important, so make sure you do it right. Your tools are a valuable investment that can help you to complete your home improvement projects with ease, so treat them with care to make sure they are always there when you need them to be.


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