How To Save On Painting

Save on Painting

This, first of all, you can not be a couch potato. Don’t forget you are the one going to be doing it, so this information is for you.

Painting is actually quite a simple thing to do, the basic criteria you need is “patients” and “neatness” and, of course, a certain amount of ability.

So you were looking around your home and become anxious for a change of scenery. You might have been going around new homes looking at the fresh new beautiful layouts and designs and you got that big itch! But your pocket is empty or you are scared to make a larger commitment at this time.

Obviously, the biggest bang for your buck is painting. Paint really does a big thing to improve their overall looks of your home.

What painting does is, first of all, makes your home look fresh again. Secondly, it can give the feeling of more openness. Also, you can perk it up with different colors. Colors if placed in the right places and the right amount can give you various effects.

Even so just straight repainting what you have will definitely give it a crisper fresher cleaner feel. Thinking about this now you have to make a decision what you’re going to paint. Then you have to figure out how much paint you’re going to need. And what repairs are going to have to  be performed if any.

How to figure out the paint you need is usually based on a formula  roughly 350 square feet per gallon. If you’re painting a light color over light color this should hold true. But if you’re painting a dark wall with a light color you might have to buy a primer, or use up one extra coat of paint if it is only one little room it’s not worth it to buy primer just put any additional coat on. Let’s say your room is  9’ x 9’ x 9’ tall this will be the square feet the calculation for this is the 9′ x 9′ x 9′ x 9′ equals 36 feet times 9 feet tall equals 324 square ft. and you divide this number into 350 so as you can see you have a little bit of paint left.

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