Are Cordless Drill Batteries And Chargers Interchangeable?

Are Cordless Drill Batteries And Chargers Interchangeable

If you are here, chances are that you were working on a very important project and your cordless drill battery died in the middle.

But you are determined to get the task completed on time, and therefore, wondering ‘are cordless drill batteries and chargers interchangeable?

You were probably tempted to use the spare battery from another cordless drill, but considering the safety point of view, decided to look it up first instead.

If that’s the case, we must commend you for the smart move – you definitely made the right call.

Trying to interchange cordless drill batteries or using a charger from a different brand can easily damage these power tools.

If you are trying to learn more about the cross-compatibility of cordless drill batteries and chargers, or are in the market for a new cordless drill battery pack, you have come to the right place.

In this guide on cordless drill batteries, we will help you find everything you need to know about prolonging the life of these wireless power tools.

This will allow you to drill effectively without the fear of running out of charge before your work is complete.

The article discusses the answers to the following questions:

  • Are cordless drill batteries interchangeable?          
  • Are cordless drill chargers interchangeable?
  • When should you change the drill battery?
  • What is the best drill battery?                     

Are Cordless Drill Batteries Interchangeable?

Cordless Drill Battery

Unfortunately, there’s no definite answer to this question.

Most rookie users who have unsuccessfully tried fitting in the battery of one cordless drill into a different drill will tell you that cordless drill batteries are not interchangeable.

But if you ask some of the expert users who have worked with a wide assortment of power tools, you will get a different answer.

Ironically, they are both right in their stance. This is because some cordless drill batteries are interchangeable, while others are not.

Let’s put this into simpler words.

Cordless drill batteries from two different brands are not interchangeable. But batteries of a particular brand can be used interchangeably on different drills of the same brand.

For example, the rechargeable battery from a Dewalt drill machine cannot be used with a cordless drill manufactured by Black & Decker, and vice versa.

However, if you have two different cordless drills (for example, a 20-volt and an 18-volt model, respectively) manufactured by, say Dewalt, you might be able to swap their batteries and the machines will still continue operating without any problem.

Keep in mind, though, that in some cases, this might not work as well. Plus, you need to consider certain factors when interchanging the batteries of different cordless drills produced by the same company (more on that later).

Why Drill Batteries of Different Brands Are Not Interchangeable

Batteries Different

In case you can’t wrap your head around why batteries of different brands cannot be used interchangeably, but are compatible with most models of the same brand, your confusion will be cleared in just a second.

The reason behind that is quite simple. The non-compatibility of a battery pack with the drill of an alternative brand is what enables manufacturers to stay profitable in the long run!

Companies intentionally design their batteries in a way that they cannot work with drills produced by a competitor brand.

This ensures that customers will keep coming back as their drill batteries reach the end of their lifespan and they have to buy new ones, or they need an extra set to power their drills for extensive projects.

Moreover, the lack of battery compatibility across different brands also helps companies ward off warranty claims.

If you have read the user’s manual for your cordless drill, you are likely to notice something along the lines that the use of third party products will void the warranty on the said tool.

Are Cordless Drill Chargers Interchangeable?

Cordless Drill Charger

The answer to this question is pretty much the same as that about cordless drill batteries – i.e., some drill chargers are interchangeable whereas others are not.

Generally, it’s best that you avoid interchanging the chargers for cordless drills. However, sometimes it might be the need of the hour.

For instance, if a friend borrowed the charger and forgot to give it back, or you misplaced the charger yourself, you will have no other option but to use a charger originally meant for a different drill.

When charging your power drill’s battery using another charger, make sure that their power ratings match together. Failing to do so can not only damage the equipment beyond repair but can also be really hazardous.

It is safe to use a low – voltage charger for a battery marked at a higher voltage rating (e.g. using an 18-volt charger with a 20-volt battery).

But keep in mind that it will take considerably longer to reach the full charge level.

No matter how urgently you need to power up your cordless drill, you must avoid charging its battery if it is rated at a value lower than the output power specifications of the charger.

Using a high power adapter to charge a low volt battery can make it nonfunctional, and in worst cases, cause fire and electric shock.

When Should You Change the Drill Battery?

Most rechargeable batteries for cordless drills have an average lifespan of three years although well-managed batteries can easily last for up to five years or even more.

This is possible if you follow basic battery maintenance tips. This includes draining it properly, letting it get fully charged before the next use, avoiding storing it in hot places like under direct sunlight, etc.

Similarly, poor maintenance will depreciate the total life of your cordless drill battery in addition to reducing the total usage time that you get with each full charge.

The type of battery and frequently you charge it also has a significant impact on how long it will last.

Changing Cordless Drill Batteries

Cordless Drills

When interchanging the batteries of two different types of cordless drills produced by the same company, you need to be mindful of the power and current ratings of both battery packs.

Make sure that the battery specifications meet the power requirement of the cordless drill. You must avoid using a high voltage battery with a cordless drill of a lower rating although it’s safe to swap the battery under the opposite scenario.

That is, you can use the battery of an 18-volt cordless drill with a 20-volt model for example, given that both drills are manufactured by the same company.

What Is the Best Drill Battery?

The best part about cordless drills is well, they are cordless!

Simple elimination of wires makes this power tool extremely easy to use and incredibly convenient for drilling places that are otherwise hard to reach. But it has a catch.

If you want to gain the most out of your cordless drill, you need to ensure that the rechargeable battery that replaces the cord stays in top condition at all times.

Most manufacturers boast of using a Lithium (Li) ion battery to power their cordless drills. But there are various other factors that determine the overall functionality of a rechargeable battery.

Firstly, you need to understand the specifications on the battery pack.

The voltage rating signifies how much power or ‘strength’ the battery offers.

The ampere-hours (labeled Ah) denote the maximum amount of charge the battery can store at a given time. This, in turn, determines how long you can operate the drill with the particular battery pack.

Note that choosing a pack with the biggest numbers does not necessarily mean that you have got the best battery.

The type of materials used to make the battery and the underlying principle of how it powers up the tool play also play a major role.

The following is a brief overview of the pros and cons of different types of batteries that will help you identify which one is best suited to your particular needs.

Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) Batteries

Ni-Cd Batteries


  • Long lifespan
  • Deliver high current
  • Cost-effective
  • Are not damaged easily


  • Have a low ampere-hour rating
  • Heavier than Li-ion and NiMH batteries
  • Cannot be used if their temperature exceeds beyond a certain level
  • Need to be completely discharged for maintaining battery health
  • Not environment-friendly

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries

Ni MH Cordless


  • Cheaper than Li-ion batteries
  • Have a long life cycle
  • Suitable for heavy-duty drills
  • Are an environment-friendly option


  • Sensitive to temperature changes
  • These batteries require deep discharge occasionally

Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Batteries


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Can be packaged in a compact size
  • Hold a high amount of energy
  • Do not usually discharge even when left unused for a considerably long time period
  • Low maintenance compared to all other alternatives


  • Tend to be damaged by heat and impact
  • Relatively more expensive than other batteries

End Note

So, are cordless drill batteries and chargers interchangeable? The answer depends on the types of batteries, the drill model and manufacturer, and the overall power specifications of the two items being swapped.

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