DIY Wood Projects Ideas

The art of woodworking can be very rewarding; however, in the beginning, it’s going to require a significant amount of both time and patience to master it. The best way you can learn this art is to start off by doing simple DIY wood projects that will require minimal skills and some basic woodworking hand tools such as layout squares, chisels, handsaws, nails, screwdrivers, and hammers.

Easy DIY Wood Projects for the Beginner

Before you start, make sure that you have hand gloves, goggles, and protective clothing. One of the best beginner DIY wood projects is building a cutting box. Building it will require no joinery skills or a lot of expensive tools, yet it can still work to test your woodworking skills. This type of project will allow you to sharpen your cutting and measuring skills while also enabling you to refine your woodwork finishing touch techniques. To do this kind of project, you’ll need to purchase a measuring tape, sandpaper, chisels, a handsaw and furniture varnish or paint.

Building shelves are one of the most basic DIY woodworking projects. To build shelves will only involve some slabs of timber that tethered to your wall. This type of project isn’t hard for a beginner, and all it will take is a little skill in polishing wood and some basic hand tools to accomplish this project.

Jewelry boxes come in a variety of designs, but if you’re a beginner, you might want to start off using a simple layout. It’s another one of those projects that don’t require a lot of skill or sophisticated tools. With a block of wood, pencil, vice, glue and chisel you can finish this type of project in just an hour. The box will have two sides, a top and bottom and four walls. Cut the pieces of timber and thin them accordingly, attaching them to one another at a ninety-degree angle. Hold the pieces together using a vice while they dry. Add some finishing touches and it’s finished. For a jewelry box, that’s more professional looking you can add varnish after the box has been hand sanded.

For people living in the city, adding a window box can add a lot of curb appeal to your home. All you’ll need to create a window box is a screwdriver, nails, hammer, pencil, handsaw, a measuring tape and some skills in joinery.

The Most Popular Woodworking Project for Beginners

Building a bird house is considered one of the most challenging projects for beginners. This project doesn’t require sophisticated skills or tools. You’ll need some joinery skills, hand drill, screwdriver, handsaw, hammer, t-square, and nails. The only twist when it comes to building a birdhouse is that different types of bird species will require a distinct style of housing, however, the fundamental skills that are needed will remain the same.

Other simple DIY wood projects for beginners include building bird feeders, walking sticks, CD racks, picture frames and magazine racks.

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