Ryobi P882 One+ 18v Drill and Impact Driver Kit

Product Name:Ryobi P882 One+
Power:18 Volts
Chuck Size:1/2-inch
Features:1/2 inch keyless chuck, 24 position clutch, hold a charge 4X longer
Ryobi P882 One+ 18v Drill and Impact Driver Kit

When we talk about impact drills, Ryobi P882 is something that directly comes to our minds. Well, even if you do not remember the number, the brand Ryobi will definitely occur in your mind because of their strong brand image and perception among consumer minds. The best part about having a lithium-based drill like Ryobi P882 is simple. You do not worry about the power and most importantly, the charge settings of your machine when you have a lithium device in your hand. There is a difference between a regular driver and an impact driver. Ryobi P882 is also known as Ryobi impact driver because of it’s actual impact in the real life scenario. There is a saying that people do not buy a product only because of the brilliant quality. People think about stuffs like after sales, customer care and etc. while they buy and Ryobi 18v drill meet those criteria successfully.

Ryobi P882

Whom is this product designed for?

This Ryobi 18v drill is designed for:

  •         Household works
  •         People who care about long battery hours

Important Features of Ryobi 18v Drill

The main highlighted feature of this product is undoubtedly the lithium batteries. The product is originated in USA which is also considered something positive as products that are built in USA are usually better in quality than the ones that are made and shipped from outside parts of the world. Remember that the batteries are included in the product which is a positive part.

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Feature Benefits of Ryobi P882

If one wants a description of this impact driver within a single line then the line will reflect two major features of this product. One is definitely the lithium-ion battery and the second part is lightweight along with having bare tools to make life even more comfortable than using a regular tool.

The product comes with only one color which is green. Though most people do not worry about colors when they buy a driver, it might be considered and that is why, this was worth mentioning. This is a full size impact driver which means that the weight is on the higher end. Compared to the other full size machines, the weight is definitely lower as it only has around 9.7 pounds including cords and batteries.

The product is very easy to hold and to use. Anybody can use this machine to real work without any prior experience within a few minutes as the operation is very easy to understand and to learn. Overall, Ryobi is one of the most feature enriched drivers of current time.

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  • Lightweight: The product only weights around 9.7 pounds which should be pretty easy to carry for most people.
  • Made in USA: The machine is made in USA and therefore, the quality will always be top notch.
  • Batteries included: The two batteries required to run this product are included in the package
  • Bare Tool: The product also comes with bare tools to make your life a bit easier.


  • No Warranty: The product does not offer warranty which can be considered negative.
  • Battery Issues: Some consumers complained that their batteries died after using this product for only around 2-3 months.


What about the amp scenario of the batteries?

Well, these are 24 Wh (watt hour) batteries which is rare to find in market if you want to buy them separately. If your batteries of this machine get damaged, you will have to buy a new one from Ryobi.

What is there inside the box?

The box will have everything that you need including the main machine (impact and the drill), batteries and charger for two batteries.

Will I get a clip to attach the tool with belt?

The answer is negative but there are lots of available options in the market from where you can choose one which will fit this machine. The company Ryobi also said that they would come up with a attachment tool in near future for all of their drivers.  

Quick Tip

As battery is the main component of this device, always make sure that you charge the batteries properly. Do not overcharge or undercharge them unless you are in a very rush situation. This will make sure that your batteries last longer which will eventually give the driver a long life.


Ryobi is definitely a good tool to go for if you think about the price and features. There is a point to think about though. Do you actually need a driver with long battery backup? You need to think that too before you finalize your decision. The product does not cost a lot which is great but even then, it is always wise to think twice before making your final decision so that you do not regret later.

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