Rockwell RK2515K2 12-Volt Impact Drill Driver

Product Name:Rockwell RK2515K2
Power:12 Volts
Speed:600 / 1200
Chuck Size:1/4-inch
Features:Three-in-one tool, quick-change chuck, lifetime free battery replacement.
Rockwell RK2515K2 12-Volt Impact Drill Driver

Are you still depending on a regular impact driver when you can use a brilliant one instead? Well, the brand Rockwell is not a new brand when it comes to power tools and one of their prominent products is Rockwell RK2515K2 which will be reviewed in this article. As an old brand, Rockwell always promises the best impact drill to their consumers and Rockwell RK2515K2 is a burning example of how brilliant a Rockwell cordless drill can become.

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Rockwell RK2515K2

This drill has everything that it takes to call something the best cordless impact drill in current market. You have to understand that no matter what happens, a drill does not become the best impact drill only because of its quality. It may sound weird to understand but it is true. Quality is important but so are the customer support, brand value and related terms. Rockwell RK2515K2 makes sure that it has everything that it takes to be the best cordless impact drill in current time.

Whom Is the Product Designed For?

  • Regular users at home.
  • Handymen.

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Important Features of Rockwell RK2515K2

As like the other products of Rockwell, Rockwell 3rill is also produced in China and Rockwell 3rill comes in only green color. The core benefit of using this product is that you won’t have to use a separate drill for each of your household tasks anymore. This is one product that covers everything of your home and if you are a worker, then it will cover your professional life too. The product completes both small and huge tasks with same authenticity and that is why, consumers love to use this product. Try to think for a second from a neutral point of view. Though we do not perform much heavy tasks with our drills, we all want a drill that can perform professionally and that is exactly what we get in this product. The product weights around 7 pounds. Let’s look at some specific features of this product.

Three in One Features

The reason that this product is known as the best impact drill is because of the three-in-one feature. This is why the product is also called as 3rill at times. The drill can perform household tasks and professional tasks at the same time as the three in one tool is wide enough to cover every aspect of your home and professional life. Switching between tasks is easy and drilling is even easier with this beautiful machine.

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Great Battery

The brilliant lithium technology made sure that this product goes out of the world with its quality. The battery is of 12 volt which comes with a smart cheap that is a proprietary product of the same brand. This battery gets completely charged within 30 minutes and it will last longer than any other batteries in the market. The brand Rockwell is very confident with their battery quality of this product and they offered something amazing to make consumers trust their products. They clearly said that they will be giving lifetime warranty for any battery replacements that customers need for the 3rill product. This is an offer that nobody gives and this shows how confident the brand is with their product.


  • Quick switch technique.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Cordless.
  • LED lights to display battery condition.
  • Fast.


  • You can’t take the 3rill apart.
  • Deflection occurs at times.


Let’s have a look at some common answers of the questions in your mind. If you are living in a 220v supported country, you obviously want to know that whether the charger will support your socket. Unfortunately, it won’t but you can easily use a converter to get rid of that problem. If you want to know the exact length of the product then the measurement is 7 and a half inches from the tip to the butt of the machine.

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Insider Tips

Here is a specific tip to make sure that your working life with this drill is even more memorable than regular times. When you order this product, the delivery will come with two batteries. You will need only one of them for the machine and most people store the other one at a safe place. What you can do is, you can alter them and use both of the batteries simultaneously with the machine. This will increase the life of the battery and will enhance your efficiency.


It is hard to find such a complete product like this one in the current market and that is why, this is something which is worth buying. The most spectacular feature is the 3rill which makes this product stand out from the crowd of quality drills of current market. If you want to go for an overall solution, this is the option that you need to choose.

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