Porter-Cable PCCK600LB 20Volt Cordless Drill Driver Kit

Product Name:Porter-Cable PCCK600LB
Speed:400 / 1600
Chuck Size:1/2-Inch
Features:2 Speed gear box, Metal ratcheting chuck, LED work light
Porter-Cable PCCK600LB 20Volt Cordless Drill Driver Kit

Porter-Cable PCCK600LB is a tough name to remember if you are not a fan of the brand Porter-Cable. On the other hand, everything seems easier if you have used their products before. It has been seen that people who use Porter-Cable’s product tend to stay with the same brand for a longer period of time. The reason might be the brand image or the price range but whatever it is, you are now getting one more reason to stick to this brand with Porter-Cable PCCK600LB.

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Porter-Cable PCCK600LB

This is a lithium Ion drill with a 20-volt battery. Obviously, this is a cordless drill which gives you enough freedom to use the machine anywhere you want. This is one of those products which have everything in an adequate level. The product is definitely not something out of the box but you will get a bit of everything if you go for Porter Cable 20v Drill.


Whom Is This Product Designed For

The Porter-Cable PCCK600LB is designed for:

  •         Home users
  •         Small Mechanical Usage


Important Features of Porter-Cable PCCK600LB

Porter Cable 20v Max has three different combinations to offer for the consumers. There is one that comes with two batteries and some other benefits which we are reviewing here. There is another cost effective one that comes with only one battery. You can select either one depending on your budget. Apart from the battery, they do not have any other differences and therefore, the quality stays the same.


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Feature Benefits of Porter-Cable PCCK600LB

If one wants to portray an image of Porter Cable 20v max in one line then the line has to mention the quality ‘power’ in it. This driver is possibly one of the most powerful and strong handheld drivers in the current market and that are the reason why it is so popular among so many cordless machines around.


The machine used the latest quality lithium ion batteries of the market. The batteries are of ½ inch and they come along with the machine. The machine also has both single and dual speed features to make your work done faster in crucial times.


This heavy product (in terms of performance) is packed into one simple and small unit of around eight inch in length. Therefore, you will never feel that you are holding something heavy and massive. The machine will complete its tasks without making too much noise or brag about it which is interesting.


The brand itself plays a very big role when it comes to dealing with this product. The brand has a history of more than 100 years of building quality drivers and this is one of their flagship products. Therefore, the brand depends a lot on this product which reflects through their brilliant customer service and support.

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  • Great power: The machine has a 20 volt drill power which can drill into hard objects.
  • Double gearbox: The Porter Cable 20v drill has a two speed gear box which will let you control speeds depending on situations.
  • Lightweight: As this is a handheld device, you can’t be satisfied with this one unless the weight is low. This product has a weight of only 3.5 pound which is very comfortable.


  • Tough Feeling: This might also be considered as a pro for many people. The machine feels really tough while you use it.
  • Battery Charge: The battery will last for around 4 hours if used continuously.



How long will the batteries last?

Fortunately, lithium batteries have a very high life and if you use them properly then they might last for up to ten years without any problem.


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Will I get a variable speed trigger in this machine?

Yes, you will have an awesome speed trigger which is variable up to a few different standards. You can set your own speed with different types of pressures.


Will I get a carrying case with the machine?

Yes, the machine comes with a carrying case which is durable enough to last long. Also you can buy your own carrying case as the machine will fit into almost any type of cases.


Insider Tips

Whenever you are working with a drill like Porter-Cable PCCk600LB, you will have to make sure that you are not damaging the batteries. In this case too, if you want to make sure that the product lasts longer, you will have to charge the batteries properly. Do not overcharge or undercharge them as they will reduce the battery life.



Overall, this is a good product to go for especially if the lithium battery technology is considered. A lot of the machines now offer this technology but this one offers the latest and their ½ lithium batteries will definitely last longer than others. If this is what is your prime requirement, you can easily choose this model and be satisfied.

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