Milwaukee 2653-22 M18 18V Impact Driver

Product Name:Milwaukee 2653-22 M18
Power:18 Volt
Speed:0-2,000 RPM
Features:Brushless, Lasts Longer, No Load Speed

The Milwaukee 2653-22 M18 18V is considered as a proper impact kit when it comes to the drill driving industry. The product is not an old one, but it already did enough to make sure that you trust the product. Though the product is new in the market, the brand Milwaukee Electric Tool is an old brand, and the chance is high that you will be satisfied with the product. We will talk about the product a bit later in our complete review, but it is time to think about the brand first. See, there are lots of benefits of staying with good brands. One thing is certain. You will definitely not be having poor customer service from this brand. Let’s have a look at the features of this product now followed by the pros, cons and FAQ.

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Whom is the product designed for?

• Everybody

Features of Milwaukee 2653-22 M18 18V

If we really think about it, the company has been very smart with the features of this model. You will not find out of the world feature options in this one like some other models out there. There are some machines that come up with weird features just to make those look special. This one is definitely not one of those. The features are very valuable. Let’s have a look at some of those features.

Super Speed

If you are someone who wants to get his or her work done at a fast pace, then Milwaukee 2653-22 M18 18V is the model that you will love to use. The Milwaukee impact driver is so good regarding speed that it can make sure that you get your work done at least within seventy to eighty percent of the time that you would have invested otherwise. You may ask that whether it is important to go for this model if you do not have any issue with urgency. We still think that the answer is positive because you do not know when you will be in need of a fast paced machine. Those situations do not ask you before coming! Think about that before you buy a product.

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No Impact Model

There are some electric impact drives that come with lots of difficulties and one of the major ones is load impact. If you are also one of the sufferers of load impact, then the Milwaukee m18 fuel impact driver is there to satisfy you. What is considered as a good load impact model? It is a tough question to answer as we always want something more and something special. This product comes at a load impact of 1600 in-lb which is definitely something that most people will be happy about.


How many impact drive kits that you have seen which are intelligent in nature? We don’t think you have seen many and that is where this Milwaukee m18 fuel impact driver is special. Why are we calling this an intelligent model? The reason is simple. The machine can easily allow you to choose between three different controlling models while you are actually using the machine. It is a tough benefit to offer because there are a lot of operations going inside the drive kit all the time. We think that the benefit is worth being called as an intelligent option.

Great Battery

The product actually comes with a great battery. You want to make sure that you have a good battery in your impact driver kit and this is actually the model that will offer you that benefit. The lithium battery is called as the red lithium and it comes with a good enough battery pack. The battery is one thing that gives lots of trouble to the users as either they get damaged or they turn to be less effective over time. The good thing is that none of those will happen with this model.


• Good looking.
• Built in LED lights.
• Very fast in results.


• The plastic bag is hard and breaks easily.
• No color variations.


• Do I get a case or bag with the machine?
Yes, you will receive a decent looking plastic case with the machine. We have seen a lot of people buy extra bags though when they store this product. Frankly, the plastic bag that you receive is actually below par.
• Do I receive any warranty with this machine?
Yes, you will receive five years of manufacturing warranty with this machine. The warranty actually makes us more confident on the product.

Insider Tips

If you are new to the usage, make sure that you use the product carefully to make sure that you do not lose balance.

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a good product to go for. This is not considered as a premium model but a good enough option for you to be happy about. If you like the features, we think this is a product that you will definitely like and use for an extended period of time.

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