Milwaukee 2604-22 M18 FUEL 18V Hammer Drill

Product Name:Milwaukee 2604-22
Power:18 Volt
Chuck Size:1/2-Inch
Features:Brushless Motor, REDLITHIUM Battery
Milwaukee 2604-22 M18 FUEL 18V Hammer Drill

Finding a good drill is almost as hard to locate as a good man so when a hammer drill as excellent as the Milwaukee 2604-22 M18 Fuel Hammer Drill/Driver Kit surfaces it is hard to pass. The product makes it to the top of its class as the most powerful 18-volt cordless hammer drill/driver.

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milwaukee 2604-22 m18 fuel

This easy to carry, multifunctional hammer drill/driver is perfect for:

  • Building Maintenance
  • Industrial Construction
  • Remodeling
  • Residential Construction

Feature benefits of Milwaukee 2604-22 M18 FUEL

You will be the envy of everyone on the job site as the hammer drill/driver offers a Powerstate Brushless Motor with constant power output. It will outlive other hammer drill/drivers with its Redlithium Extended Capacity Battery Pack that delivers more work per charge and more work over pack life and an onboard fuel gauge which helps you monitor the charge accurately. The Redlink Plus intelligence ensures maximum performance and protection from overload, overheating and over-discharge.

The tool has earned an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 with the following reviews.

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  • The drill has impressive power and high torque.
  • The tool is small and compact. It is great to wear on a tool belt all day long, and the case can fit up to two large batteries and accessories.
  • The tool is very versatile. It has been because proven to work for multiple jobs whether big or small.
  • It offers nice balance with the 4.0 batteries as they provide an excellent counter-mass against the torque of the drill.


  • The side handle design only gives you two positions, both sticking sideways. You cannot rotate it down for storage.
  • It is not very durable. The jaws of the chuck can easily snap off when drilling into something as hard as concrete.
  • You must use with caution. You have to use the side handle for high torque applications, or you might hurt your wrist. It is a seriously powerful drill and can cause damage to your wrist if you are drilling or hammering, and you snag the bit or screw.
  • The tool does not offer a lot of handle positions.
  • It is a bit bulky. Full power requires XC batteries, which make it heavy.
  • The charge time is lengthy. The combined M12/M18 charger is great, but only charges one battery at the time. XC will take 60 min while CP will take 30 min to load fully.

Even with the information provided above you may still have questions and here are the answers.

1. What is the weight of this hammer drill/driver with the lightest battery?

It is 4.9 pounds and one of the most powerful drills on the market.

2. Is this Industrial Grade?

Yes, the Milwaukee 2604-22 m18 fuel is Industrial Grade. The drill will outlast competitors battery life and power.

3. What is the size of the chuck?

The size of the chuck is half an inch.

4. What is the warranty of the drill?

The bare tool has a five-year warranty. The XC batteries have a three-year warranty, and the compact batteries have a two-year warranty.

5. Does this drill switch from the hammer function to the driver/regular drill function, or is it a full-time hammer drill?

It does switch from hammer drill to standard drilling.

6. Does item come with carrying case?

Yes, it comes with a red plastic “blow molded” case that holds the drill with battery installed, a spare battery and the charger.

7. Where is this product made?

The product is made in China.

8. What is the purpose of the two screw fittings right above the battery on each side?

The purpose of the two screw fittings is to place a hook. You can hook it to your belt or a tool belt.

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Insider Tips:

Important tips to remember are to be careful where you purchase this hammer driver/drill. If you get the kit 2604-22 be sure to find one that includes the Extended Battery 4 AMP, which will say XC 4.0 on the side of the battery, as that is the newest one. The old one says XC without the 4.0 which means the chucks have problems with the ratchet tightening feature. Once you receive your product, make sure you have a tight grip on the drill when you are using a hole saw. The torque is so powerful that it will not stop at low speed.


The M18 Hammer Drill/Driver is one of the most powerful tools on the market because of its extended motor life and runtime, and maximum performance. The versatile hammer drill/driver features a Powerstate Brushless Motor, a Redlithium Extended Capacity Battery Pack, onboard fuel gauge, all-metal ratcheting locking chuck, and 31,450 BPM, which outperforms all leading competitors. It all comes in a compact case that is easy to carry and offers an efficiency for those working on building maintenance, industrial construction, remodeling, or residential construction. You will not find a drill set this powerful.

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