Milwaukee 2601-22 18-volt Cordless Drill Driver

Product Name:Milwaukee 2601-22
Power:18 Volt
Milwaukee 2601-22 18-volt Cordless Drill Driver


The Milwaukee 2601-22 has everything you could ask for as well as some features that you never even thought of. It is full of superior features that will appeal to everyone who needs to use it. This drill is simple enough for use around the home but strong and sturdy enough to tackle even the toughest jobs a contractor, electrician, or carpenter can throw at it. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, practical, yet durable cordless drill, the Milwaukee m18 Drill Driver is the tool you have been hoping for.

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Milwaukee 2601-22

For whom is this tool designed?

This tool is specifically designed for the following groups of users:
- Woodworkers
- Handymen
- HVAC technicians
- Electricians
- Carpenters
- Contractors
- Construction workers
- Painters
- Experienced DIYers

Important features of Milwaukee 2601-22

Like any good tool, this drill is loaded with important features that combine to make it a superior product. It has a heavy-duty, two-speed gearbox that allows up to 350 rpm in low and up to 1.400 rpm in high. It also has a compact motor that can deliver 400 inch-pounds of maximum torque. Because it is important to see what you are doing, it has an LED light that illuminates your workspace.It also has a superior bit grip with Yukawa chuck. It is compact in length, measuring at a mere 7 ¾ inches. So it is ideal for fitting into tight spaces. It also features a ½ inch ratcheting chuck with a plastic sleeve. All of these features fit nicely into a machine that weighs only four pounds. The kit also comes complete with two 18 volt Lithium-ion batteries, a 30-minute charger, and a carrying case.

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Feature benefits

This drill was incredibly well thought out. Each feature was included for a specific reason.
- The heavy-duty two-speed gearbox is both strong and durable. The wide range of speeds allows for the perfect amount of power regardless of the job that needs to be completed.
- The compact motor allows the unit to remain light and manageable while still remaining strong enough to get your biggest jobs done.
- The LED light is bright yet unobtrusive. It allows you to work in a well-lit area to complete even your most intricate tasks. It also allows you to work in places that are not well-lit without issue.
- The compact length is ideal for working in tight spaces and also makes transporting the unit easier and hassle-free.
- The power gauge is easy to see and allow you to know when you are running out of battery life.
- The ratcheting chuck allows you tighten your bit to your personal specifications
- Since the entire drill weighs only four pounds, it is easy to handle and use for an extended period of time without difficulty.


Pros of the Milwaukee m18 drill driver include:
- Its compact nature
- Easy to use
- Ergonomic design
- Good battery power
- No bit slippage
- Powerful
- Lightweight
- Quick battery charge time
- Competitively priced


Cons of the Milwaukee m18 drill driver include:
- Possibly too powerful for some home uses
- Chucks can be wobbly
- Battery does not lock in well

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Q. What type of battery does this drill use?

A. The drill runs on an 18-volt Lithium-ion battery. Two batteries and a charger are included in the kit.

Q. How long does it take to charge the battery?

A. The battery will get a full charge in 30 minutes.

Q. What is the maximum capacity for use with wood?

A. One inch

Q. What is the maximum capacity for use with steel?

A. ½ inch

Q. Does it have a keyless chuck?

A. Yes

Q. Is there a warranty with this drill?

A. Yes. The drill comes with a 5-year warranty that goes into effect on the date of purchase.

Insider tips

This drill is the perfect tool for a multitude of jobs. Users across the board have been incredibly pleased and have only good things to say about it. It can stand up to heavy use and come out without a hitch. If you need a sturdy and durable tool to drill through plywood or drywall, this product is an excellent choice. It is so strong that it can even drill through concrete if you have that need.


Despite its compact size and light weight, the Milwaukee 2601-22 really packs a wallop. Its two-speed gearbox makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications. Whether you are a contractor who needs to use it on a daily basis and for heavy-duty jobs or an average Joe trying to fix up his home, this drill truly hits the nail on the head.

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