Milwaukee 2407-22 M12 12 Volts Drill Driver

Product Name:Milwaukee 2407-22
Power:12 Volt
Speed:0-400/1,500 RPM
Chuck Size:3/8-Inch
Features:Metal Ratcheting Chuck, Lithium Ion Battery, 2 speed
Milwaukee 2407-22 M12 12 Volts Drill Driver

If you enjoy working on home-made construction projects, or are professionally involved in the construction field, having a quality drill is a must. Recently, the trusted Milwaukee brand put out one of its best drills yet: the Milwaukee 2407-22 M12. This amazing piece of equipment is one of the highest quality tools on the market, and is available for an incredibly affordable price. If you’ve meant to invest in a quality drill that will further your ability to get projects done quickly and effectively, the Milwaukee M12 Drill Driver is the product you’ve been looking for.

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Milwaukee 2407-22 M12
In this Milwaukee 2407-22 review, we will cover all of the features, pros/cons, and FAQs that will help you make an informed decision before making an investment. Additionally, we will offer insider tips that will help you make the most of your new Milwaukee drill driver product.

Important Features of Milwaukee 2407-22 M12 :


Those who work with power tools often know that accidents happen, and tools can become easily damaged. Thankfully, the Milwaukee 2407-22 M12 comes with a quality 5-year warranty to protect consumers from losing money on an investment. If properly cared for, this amazing model will last you for at least the 5-year warranty period.

No Load RPM:

Thanks to the no load RPM feature of this amazing drill, you can quickly drill and fasten objects without frustrating, and workflow killing start up times. Estimated to be around 35% faster than many other tools in its class, the 2407-22 drill will increase your efficiency when working on projects significantly. In general, the drill can reach 0-400 and 0-1,500 RPM speeds without a problem.

Peak Torque:

Any craftsmen with a working knowledge of power drills knows that having a high level of torque is necessary if you want to diversify your work capabilities. The Milwaukee M12 Drill Driver manufacturers know this, and have created a drill that can deliver upwards of a whopping 275 lbs. of torque output. If you are working on heavy-duty projects, this useful feature will come in handy frequently.

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LED Light:

Sometimes you will be faced with a project that forces you to get into musky, dark corners. When trying to complete these projects, you will be well served by this Milwaukee products’ high-visibility LED light feature. Thanks to this feature, you can easily illuminate anything you need to drill, even when in cramped, dark spaces.

Handle Design:

When you are going to be working with a tool constantly day-in-and-day-out, you want to ensure it is comfortable, and easy to wield. The Milwaukee 2407-22 M12 features a state-of-the-art, ergonomic handle design that provides a comfortable fit. Additionally, this grip heavy handle will keep you from getting frustrating blisters after a long day of work.

Battery Fuel Gauge:

Running out of battery mid-drill is not only frustrating, but it can completely strip a screw, or cause other frustrating obstacles. To help combat this scenario, Milwaukee has fitted their quality drill with an on-board battery gauge that displays the remaining battery life at all times. As long as you pay attention, you should never run out of battery mid-drill again.


● Extremely fast, no-load RPM rates will increase your workflow efficiency.
● You’ll never be stopped mid-drill again thanks to the on-board battery gauge feature.
● The ergonomic handle is comfortable, and helps prevent blisters.
● You can work in dark spaces with ease thanks to the LED light.
● With torque abilities of up to 275 lbs., you can take on heavy-duty jobs with ease.
● Thanks to the 5-year warranty, this Milwaukee drill will last you for years to come.


● Although the battery-gauge is visible, the charge rate could be better.
● The transport box is bulky, and features few useful features.

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How Long Does the Battery Last on a Full Charge?:

Although concrete figures are hard to find in regards to the battery life of this great drill product, most providers claim it beats out similarly priced competitors with ease, providing up to two times the amount of battery life.

What Size Drill Bits are Compatible?:

The M12 drill is designed to work primarily with ⅜ in. drill bits.

How Much will the Milwaukee M12 Drill Driver Cost Me?:

If you go for the full kit, you will be spending around $130 on average. However, if you choose to buy the drill on its own, you will be sending less than $90 on average.

Can I get the Drill without the Driver Kit Set?:

Yes, anyone can purchase the bare tool version of the Milwaukee 2407-22 M12 to save money, and to avoid purchasing the not as well reviewed transport box.

Insider Tips:

● Buying an additional battery extension is suggested for craftsmen who work long shifts, to avoid having to wait on batteries recharging (which takes upwards of 30 minutes on average).
● Thanks to the ⅜ in. drill bit size, you can purchase many top drill bits without any issue or the need to buy additional adapters.
● The lightweight nature of the Milwaukee M12 drill driver makes it easy to place on your tool belt.


With many amazing features, including high RPM rates, awesome torque capabilities, finessed handling qualities, and huge battery life, this is the drill serious craftsmen need to keep their workflow on point. If you are ready to revolutionize your ability to get projects done quickly and effectively, you need to invest in the Milwaukee 2407-22 M12.

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