Makita XDT08 18V LXT Impact Drill Driver

Product Name:Makita XDT08 LXT
Power:18 Volt
Features:Brushless, 50-Percent longer run time
Makita XDT08 18V LXT Impact Drill Driver

If you are looking for a lithium ion brushless cordless driver kit, then Makita XDT08 18V LXT can easily be the option for you. There are a lot to talk about this product, and we are going to do that in this review. We are not going to talk about the features of Makita XDT09 18V LXT now as that is not the point here. We have a dedicated section for that. This is the time where we talk about the brand. The brand Makita is an old model, but the brand does not sell their products themselves in most cases. They have retailers around the globe who does that for them. You might ask why that is important for you to know. This is important because this feature clearly affects customer service and some other aspects of a product. When you are buying a product, you are not actually buying the product only. You are buying a product combined with services.

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Whom is this product designed for?

• Home users
• Professionals
• Want to be professionals

Features of Makita XDT08 18V LXT


If you are looking for an efficient solution for your home or office, then this is the perfect model that you can go for. The motor is super efficient and to be honest, we haven’t seen such efficient motor to a product for a long time. This is a new product and there are certain benefits that you receive with new products. The first benefit is that you do not have to worry about the old school problems because the machine takes care of the old issues. All companies do their researches before coming up with new designs and Makita impact driver did the same.


There is nobody in this world who would love to buy a new set of kit every other month just because their old one got damaged. It is a sad story, to be honest. We have seen people use their broken models for a year or two just because they do not want to move to a new kit. They are costly and to be honest, the price does not worth it at times. The good news is that you do not have to face that problem with Makita brushless impact driver. The model is made in a way so that it can serve you for a real long time.

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Good Design

Often we think about the features and some other aspects of a kit so much that we do not think about the design at all. That is not right, is it? We do a lot of reviews about these products, and this is definitely one of the nicest looking ones out there. The product comes in one simple color which is dark blue, but the color is worth the design. Apart from the color itself, the design of this product is worth it. Simply have a look at the product and think about whether this kit could be more design oriented than the current design itself. You will actually feel like you are doing something amazing while you are holding this machine and working. That increases your effectiveness, and you can bet on that.


• Very good design
• Light in terms of weight
• Very compact design
• Completely brushless
• Good RPM


• The product is very new in the industry, yet unproven
• The price is a bit higher compared to the features
• Though it says it does not consume huge electricity, it actually does


• Where does the company make the product from?
Where some other companies (big and trusted ones in this space) build their products in the USA, this product actually is imported from China. Though the product is manufactured in China, the company ensures quality.
• How is the battery?
It is tough to be subjective about the battery. The battery is a BL 1830 model in Makita impact driver. It is not an awesome battery. It is an average one.
• How many batteries do I receive with the package?
If you are buying the machine from offline sources (for example, a retail store), the battery number varies from stores to stores and also from time to time. In almost all online sources, the company offers two batteries with their packages.
Insider Tips
The color of this product gets faded easily if not taken care of properly. Make sure that you do not use it with wet hands.

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a good product to go for. There is not much negative to talk about as the product is itself new in the industry. It will take a time to be established. There are definitely some other versions out there which are as good as this one, but this one is not bad either.

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