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Makita LXT239 18-Volt LXT Impact Driver

Product Name:Makita LXT239
Power:18 Volt
Speed:0-2,500 RPM
Chuck Size:1/2 Inch
Features:Lithium-Ion, Brushless

If you are looking for a brushless combo tool which is powerful and also from a good enough company to be happy about then Makita LXT239 18-Volt LXT is definitely one of the top notch choices. The best part about this machine is that this is not just a single machine but a combo of many things. Are you someone who wants to always choose the combo packs in the restaurant? If you are someone of that category, then you will definitely end up liking the Makita LXT239 18 Volt LXT.

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Whom Is This Product Designed For?

• Professional Repairmen
• Occasional Worker
• Part-time Professionals

Important Features of Makita LXT239 18-Volt LXT

The product is a feature intensive one. What we mean is that you will actually get a ton of features in this Makita LXT239 review and at times, those are even more than what you think of. The problem that we face in most cases is that companies offer features which are not worth it such as extra bags and some other ones. The good news is that this product is different and you will be able to see that in this cordless drill review.

Speed Variations

You can vary the speed of this drill according to your requirements. That saves not only the battery power but it also saves you from the hard work of holding the drill strongly for a long period of time. The two-speed hammer actually works pretty fine with the brushless motor as it delivers a great speed being within the limitations.
There is one thing that we should say, though. If you are not careful enough, you will actually end up wasting all the battery life instead of getting the benefits from these speed variations. Therefore, it is up to you at the end of the day.

Great Battery

Great battery is something that everybody wants in their handheld devices, and the good news is that you actually get a good enough battery in this one. It is not all about the battery at the end of the day, though. Yes, you get a good battery but on top of that, the machine is actually efficient enough so that you do not have to waste or lose a lot of battery power while you are using this one. The 17v battery, therefore, seems a lot despite of being a regular thing.

Brushless Motor

The brushless motor is something that everyone liked in this Makita LXT239 18-volt LXT model. The brushless motor makes the drill machine more efficient than anything else on the planet, and as there is a controlled mechanism to run the whole thing, you can actually save a lot of energy while using it. According to the specialists, you can actually save around 50% of the battery life if you use this machine.

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• Great impact based body
• The brushless nature is awesome
• It is a beast in terms of action


• The impact driver is a bit tiny
• The drill quality is comparatively weak


• What about the voltage requirement of the charger?
The standard voltage that it takes is around 18v with the lithium batteries. The voltage is actually same in all Makita devices.
• How many batteries are there?
The machine needs two lithium batteries to run, and the batteries come with the package if you are buying it online from most stores.
• Can I get a 220Vcharger to work with this model?
Well, unfortunately, you cannot. This is an LXT lithiumion brushless cordless drill that only works with 110v chargers. If you use a 220v charger, then the machine will burn. Make sure that you never do that.

Insider Tips

Try to clean the machine once in every other month so that the inner part is perfect. The inner parts might get dust if you overuse it. Though it will not be a huge problem, you can cover it up with proper cleaning.
Another thing that you should remember is to change or at least check the battery once in a while. If you do not check the battery on a regular basis, we have seen weird cases to happen. At times the batteries get melted inside which is also alarming. This is not a con of this product, but you have to keep it in mind to make sure that you do not face trouble later on!


Overall as you can understand from this cordless drill review, this is a feature intensive one. If you are someone who is interested in one solution that covers everything, then this is a good option to go for. This is one of the finest products that is recently produced in the cordless industry. You should at least check it out. Also check out our best cordless drill review.

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