DEWALT DC720KA 18-Volt Cordless Compact Drill/Driver

Product Name:DEWALT DC720KA
Power:18 Volts
Chuck Size:1/2"
Features:18-Volt Cordless Drill, 1/2-inch ratcheting chuck, Dual speed, Lightweight 4.8lbs
DEWALT DC720KA 18-Volt Cordless Compact Drill/Driver

There are a few drill machines in the market which will immediately give you an assurance just by the look of them that they work brilliantly. Dewalt DC720KA is one of those types that will immediately satisfy you with its brilliant look and the reflection of quality. Do not get the line wrong as you won’t get excited because of the brilliant color combination of Dewalt DC720KA. People do not buy drill machines for the colors but for the performance and that is exactly what you are going to get from this product. There are a few cars and machines which reflect the quality so that people can easily understand that these are great products without even using them in the first place. Dewalt DC720KA is one of that kind and everyone who have used this recent product in the market of handheld drills have loved the performance.

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Whom Is the Product Designed For

  • Carpenters
  • Wood makers
  • Home Users

Important Features

Dewalt has been a famous name in the world of home tools and they are considered as a reliable brand too among consumers. One of the newest products of the brand Dewalt is the dewalt cordless drill which is also known as dc720KA. Well, the product got mixed reviews from the beginning from consumers but that is not the point here. The product has a few interesting features to talk about including a great weight along with power and maneuverability. These are the reasons that why this drill is a different one and why this one has the ability to stand out among everyone in the market.

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Feature Benefits of Dewalt DC720KA

The powerful motor of Dewalt DC720KA is a clear standout. The frameless motor can easily produce a power of around 410 watts within seconds. The rpm speed varies from 0 to 500 which will allow you to use different power variations for different tasks. You do not need the same speed to create a hole inside a metal and a wood box and Dewalt made sure that you do not have to put the same speed in both cases.

Apart from the motor, the grip will allow you to hold the drill in an easier and comfortable fashion too.


  • Made in USA: The products that are made in USA have a better quality in general than those which are outsourced from off-shore locations.
  • Good Weight: The drill weights only 4.8 pounds which makes it an easy one to hold and use in any position and in any location.
  • LED Light: There is a powerful LED light which will allow the users to use this drill in low lights.


  • Low Battery Life: A lot of people complained that they had to change their batteries only after four to five months of using the product.
  • Noisy: A drill machine is tend to be a bit noisy but the noise that Dewalt dc720 makes is way too more than the average ones.
  • Overrated: A lot of people felt that the drill is overrated. The brand Dewalt is a great brand and that is why the expectation was always high from this drill which many think the drill was unable to meet.


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What is the actual weight of this product?

Well, the description in Amazon is confusing as it says two things in two different places. We examined the product on our own and found out that the exact weight of this product is 4.8lb.


Are the batteries reliable?

The batteries that you will receive with this product are hundred percent reliable and very strong to work with. They are tested properly before delivering and they will always deliver the quality.

Will the batteries of old Dewalt XRP work in this machine?

The answer is positive. You can use those batteries in this machine too but you don’t need to use them as this machine comes with two brand new batteries dedicated to only dc720ka.

What will I get with the drill?

You will receive a hard case, a charger for the batteries and two batteries along with the main Dewalt cordless drill in the package.

Insider Tips

To make sure that the batteries serve for a longer period of time, it is wise to alter them while you are using the Dewalt cordless drill. One good idea is to use one battery in each month and install the other battery for the next month. This will keep both batteries active and durable.


The machine received mixed reviews from the consumers. While half of the people were satisfied with the product and the service, almost half were actually dissatisfied and many of them though that the drill is actually an overrated one. If you do not want to take that risk, it will be better to avoid this product.

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