Bosch DDS181-01 18-Volt

Product Name:Bosch DDS181-01
Power:18 Volt
Chuck Size:1/2-Inch
Features: 2 Batteries, Charger and Case

What will happen if someone comes and tells you that one of the prime benefit or features of a certain cordless drill is its look? Yes, that is exactly what we are going to tell you today in this Bosch DDS181-01 18 Volt cordless drill review article. Yes, we will be talking about everything else too including the pros, cons and whether you should go for this Bosch cordless drill or not too.
Bosch is a good brand, but there is one common issue with most of their products. The Bosch cordless drills are not that popular. This is a big reason that not a lot of people go for products like Bosch DDS181-01 18-Volt as most people are not able to trust the product. Anyway, this blue color based cordless drill is a fun one to go for. Let’s have a detailed look at this product from the features up to the pros, cons and everything else.

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Whom is this product designed for?

• Household workers
• Part-timers
• Drill enthusiasts

Important Features of Bosch DDS181-01 18-Volt

This is a feature intensive product with a core eye on the feature and development of the motor based section of it. In the recent years, almost all drill machine companies understood the importance of having motor based drill machines (in terms of quality motors), and Bosch joined the same party too! Let’s have a look at some of the promising features.

Power and Versatility

Well, the four poll motor at least ensures one thing. It ensures that you will never have the lack of power when you are using this drill machine. There are different power settings based on your tasks, and the whole back end is designed in a way so that you do not have to pay much attention to those small changes. The machine is versatile in a sense that it can feature different ranges of RPM and different ranges of torque speed being within this one small drilling machine. Though the previous Bosch models were also good in terms of versatility but those were not as powerful as this one! As this model is a combination of great power and versatility, it gets more numbers on those skills.

Easy to Use

This is another feature that is often neglected in the world of drilling. Most people think that as you are drilling, there is no point I talking about products that are easy to use. You are a tough person, and you will be able to use anything which is dead wrong. This product is super easy to handle, and the grip area is also built in a certain way to make things easier. Those are definitely commendable.


The battery looks standard as it is a 17V model. The battery will not make you delighted in most cases, but it will also not bring trouble for you. It is a standard one as we said before and that is the best quality about this battery. It does not drain easy, and you will rarely have to worry about changing the batteries.

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• Very easy to carry around
• Nice Blue Color design
• Powerful
• Easy to carry in hands
• Durable and long lasting


• The light will not work until you start the drilling process
• Comes in only one color
• A bit higher priced than average


• Can I run this machine with other model’s chargers?
Well yes, you can! Though the charger that comes with this Bosch cordless drill is a good one and we never heard of issues that the charger stops working. The charger is good and will serve you for a long time.
• Where was it made in?
Almost all the products of Bosch cordless drills are made in Mexico. Similarly, the Bosch DDS181-01 18-Volt is also made and assembled in Mexico.

Insider Tips

Again, there is nothing much to tip on about this Bosch DDS181-01 18-Volt as this is still a new model out there. There are certain regular tips that we would love to provide, though. You should always make sure that you clean the drill immediately once you are done doing an intensive drilling session. Drilling creates a lot of dust (obviously), and when those go inside the machine, the motor and the inside parts get affected. We do not want that to happen, do we?


Overall, the Bosch DDS181-01 18-Volt cordless drill machine is a definite one that one can go for, but there is a ‘but’ though! This is a new product in the market. We have to go back to the introduction part of our cordless drill review. Remember we said that this is a new product, and that is one big reason that not a lot of people go for this one? You have to fight that battle if you want to take in this Bosch DDS181-01 18 Volt cordless drill machine.

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