Black & Decker LDX172C 7.2 Volt Lithium Drill Driver

Product Name:Black & Decker LDX172C
Brand:Black & Decker
Power:7.2 Volt
Chuck Size:3/8-inch
Features:7.2-volt lithium ion battery holds a charge up to 18 months, 3/8-inch Keyless chuck, 60 inch-pounds torque
Black & Decker LDX172C 7.2 Volt Lithium Drill Driver

Black & Decker LDX172C 7.2 Volt Drill Driver is among the tools that make the work of a DIY enthusiast rather enjoyable. Since I bought it, I’m able to hang pictures in my home comfortably. The tool is also helpful in removing socket facets. It is also helpful in carrying out light screw driving jobs in the home. In case you like to have one, it is readily available in Amazon. They deliver as soon as you place your order. When I bought mine, it just took a few days, and I received it.


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The following are important features on the drill driver:


Lithium Ion Battery

The drill drive is powered by a lithium battery which is long lasting. Since I bought mine a year ago, it has never exhausted the charge. The battery stores charge for up to 18 months. This will enable you to enjoy making use of the drill drive in your home any time.


Keyless Chuck

It allows easy change of bit. It also allows the user of the machine to enjoy making use of it in different conditions because they will be able to change a bit with great ease. Even if you have never made use of the drill before you will enjoy making use of it because it is easy to use.

Mid-handle Design

For balance and control the mid-handle design enables users of the machine to enjoy excellent control. The designers of the machine took time to create a handle that ensures great comfort to the users. The design allows the users of the machine to carry out jobs even in complex places to reach.


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Fan-cooled Motor

The fan cooled motor helps in extending the life of the drill so you can achieve great value of your money that you will spend in buying the drill. To ensure great speed when doing drill jobs the machine has two drill speeds with forward and reverse speed.



In case you will like to buy Black & Decker LDX172C, then you should contact Amazon. This is simply due to the great offers available on Amazon. For instance, after you buy from the website you will be able to access a discount of up to 46%. This will give you a great saving so you can put money back in your pocket. They also offer free shipping services and will guarantee you quick delivery of the drill drive.

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