Eight Cordless Drill Attachments That You Should Own

Eight Cordless Drill Attachments That You Should Own

There are many drill attachments that can make drilling more professional and less stressful.

By choosing different cordless attachments, you can turn your drill a much more versatile and handier tool, for drilling and other tasks alike. 

What can you do with drill attachments?

You’ll see your drill in a whole new light by making use of drill attachments that will enable you to make cleaner holes in surfaces, drill at awkward angles, and even become a better gardener!

No, really!

We’ve outlined eight cordless drill attachments that you should own, whether you’re a pro or amateur.

Having essential drill attachments in your toolbox will ensure that you can drill your way out of any task or sticky situation!

The Eight Essential Drill Attachments You Need In Your Toolbox

There are tons of drill bit attachments you can find on the market, with bits for every drilling situation under the sun!

It can make it difficult to choose which ones should be must-haves in your toolbox and which ones you can leave at the hardware store until you actually need them.

That said, there are some drill bits that you will find yourself reaching for in your toolbox time and time again because they’re so useful and make your drilling tasks much easier to do, especially if you’re a beginner.

Here are eight essential drill bit attachments to buy for your cordless drill.

Rotary Rasp

Using Rotary Rasp

A rotary rasp drill bit can help you with a range of DIY carving tasks around the home.

It looks a bit like a hairbrush and you can use it to grind, polish, burnish, or shape a variety of surfaces, including wood and plastic.

The Best Rotary Rasp

The Rotary Drill Bits Set by Rongon is a valuable set of rotary drill bits to own.

It has a rotary rasp drill bit included in the pack, as well as others that will no doubt come in handy at some point.

It only costs around $10 yet it can do a lot for you.

Benefits And Uses

  • This drill bits set comes with five drill bits that each have a different shape: in the pack you get a large cone, small cone, cylinder, oval, and ball shape.
  • These bits are made of durable steel and have fire-dipped black surfaces to maintain their sharpness over time.
  • The rotary rasp in this kit is an essential drill bit attachment as it helps you to grind off extra wood during a drilling job. It can increase and shape holes in wood as well as plastic, making it highly versatile. Since you have many other shapes in this drill bit kit to choose from, it’s a valuable and worthwhile set to own if you do a lot of DIY projects around the house or in your crafts studio.

Drywall Bit

Installing Drywall Built

If you’re installing drywall sheets in your home, a drywall bit is a must to own as it will make the job easier and faster.

Your DIY job will also look more professional.

This is because a drywall bit ensures that the screws are put in at the correct depth so that they will support the drywall without going in too deep and causing problems or untidy finishes. 

The Best Drywall Bit

DEWALT DW2014 Drywall Screw Setter Bit Tip

Benefits And Uses

  • It gives you a screw gun feature in a power drill! Simply attach this onto your drill and use it on drywalls with ease. 
  • It’s a shock-resistant tool that’s made out of steel so it’s durable while being easy to handle.
  • This drill bit enables you to drill perfectly into drywall without going too deeply into the material or making untidy holes. It’s the perfect drill attachment that you need to drill into drywall without you having to purchase a drywall screw gun. And, it only costs $2.25 for one drill bit.

Garden Auger Bit

Using Garden Auger Bit

You might wonder why you’d need a garden auger bit, but if you ever need to drill holes in the ground then you’ll be glad you purchased this.

If you have to make holes in your garden, such as when you’re planting new flowers, you can do so easily with a garden auger drill bit that attaches to your cordless drill.

Best Garden Auger Bit

AidonRew Garden Auger Spiral Drill Bit

Benefits And Uses

  • This drill bit is constructed out of manganese steel, so it’s durable and easy to use for drilling holes quickly and easily in the garden. It only costs under $20.
  • This drill attachment works with any type of 3/8 inch electric or cordless drill.
  • Although it might sound strange to say that you can drill holes in your ground with the use of your drill, this drill bit has a spiral design that can be used for various tasks, such as mixing seeds, planting boxes, and digging holes for fences. But you can even use it for other tasks, such as  creating ice fishing holes!
  • It can be used to drill holes in various types of soil and prevents you from having to bend over while you drill. This means you can plant hundreds of bulbs within mere minutes, with much less effort on your part. It will help you get more gardening done. Who knew your drill could help you achieve greener fingers?

Flexible Extension Bit

Using Flexible Extension Bit

If you regularly do DIY around the house, sooner or later you’ll wish you had a flexible extension bit that can help you drill in hard-to-reach places of the home.

The flexible extension bit attachment basically extends how far your drill can go, but its shape can also be manipulated to help you get into tight corners, making it a must for anyone who owns a drill.

The Best Flexible Extension Bit

Flexible Screwdriver Extension that costs around $10.

Benefits And Uses

  • This extension can be bent in different ways, depending on what you need. By attaching it to your drill and being able to move the extension in different directions, such as by curving it, you can easily drill in awkward places and at uncomfortable angles.
  • In addition, it can bypass obstacles in the way of your drilling. Gone are the days when you had to drill a hole in the wall in a place that wasn’t to your liking because there was something in your way.
  • This extension can be extended to reach 290mm when straight. It’s flexible enough to guide your drill bit so that you can bore holes into a surface without a hassle. By having an extended range of movement when you drill with this attachment, you can also ensure that the holes you drill will always be accurate without mishaps happening.

Brush Attachment

Cordless Drill Brush Attachment

You can use your cordless drill for many tasks other than drilling.

Earlier, we saw how you can use your drill to make holes in the garden.

With a brush drill attachment, your drill can easily become a tool that helps you to clean various items around the house.

With the spinning action provided by the drill, you can easily buff and shine objects such as bathroom taps and many more.

Best Brush Attachment

Drillbrush Drill Brush Scrub Brush Drill Attachment Kit that costs around $20.

Benefits And Uses

  • This kit contains three different brushes that you can attach to your cordless drill: a four-inch brush, a five-inch stiff brush, and a two-inch soft brush. The different sizes mean that you can clean a variety of items, depending on whether you need a softer or stiffer brush. 
  • Here’s a rundown of all the brushes you can use in this pack. The bullet-shaped yellow brush can be used to clean showers, sinks, and tubs because of its useful shape. The two-inch brush can get into tight spaces easily, such as to clean tires. The five-inch red brush is suitable for cleaning patios and decks, as well as outdoor tables.
  • It turns your drill into a powerful cleaning tool.
  • There are also other kits to choose from that you can purchase from Amazon, depending on the type of brushes you’re interested in using around the home.

Rapid Load Holder

Using Rapid Load Holder

If you need to use lots of different bits during the same drilling job, you’ll want to get your hands on a rapid load holder attachment to make your work much easier. 

Best Rapid Load Holder

DEWALT DW2505 Rapid Load Holder

This rapid load holder by Dewalt costs under $25, but it’s got lots of great reviews.

This is because it’s a handy tool that you’ll want to store with your cordless drill for times when you need to multitask.

Benefits And Uses

  • It holds drill bits so you can easily switch from one to the other without rechucking.
  • Although you might not need this if you’re a beginner or only use your drill for small tasks around the house, if you reach for your drill for various things then you’ll love having a rapid load holder.
  • This holder is made of stainless steel for greater durability, while it also has a rust-resistant plated nose and strong rubber grips so that it’s comfortable to use, especially if you have to work at an uncomfortable angle.
  • You can quickly load it, thanks to its pressure-activated ball-groove system.
  • If you need quick access to different drill bits, this drill bit attachment will make your life easier and prevent you from having to delay doing the work you need to complete. It’s also a great way to prevent misplacing bits during a stressful job.

Paint Mixer

Using Paint Mixer

If you need to mix paint, you can use your drill to do it.

This has many benefits because a paint mixer attachment will help you to mix paint much more effectively, which is important because not mixing paint correctly can cause the paint to lack its vibrant color and consistency. 

Best Drill Attachment Paint Mixer

Edward Tools Paint and Mud Mixer, which costs around $10.

Benefits And Uses

  • This paint mixer can fit all standard drills.
  • It’s durable, resistant to rust, and easy to clean because it’s got zinc-plated steel.
  • Its head has a ribbon design at its end that creates the right mixing flow. This is important because it means you can mix a lot of paint quickly but effectively.
  • This paint mixing drill attachment prevents a mess from occurring. Its ribbon design also prevents paint from splattering all over the place.

Brad Point Drill Bits

Using Brad Point Bit

These drill bits are a must to own if you have soft wood that you need to drill through as they will prevent the drill from skidding or wandering, which can also be unsafe.

To ensure precision and ease when drilling, they have a center pin in them to create a cleaner hole. 

Best Brad Point Drill Bits

DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set. This pack of drill bits costs around $50.

Benefits And Uses

  • The bits are made of quality titanium which increases their lifespan.
  • If you regularly drill through soft wood, you’ll want to purchase this set because it comes in a variety of different sizes that are versatile for a range of different drilling requirements. These drill bits come in sizes ranging from 1/16 inches to ½ inches, so you’re sure to find the one that you need.  
  • They also come in a plastic case for easy storage in your toolbox to prevent them from getting misplaced.
  • These drill bits create clean, precise holes. As soon as you drill through the hole, the drill bits get to work to prevent messy holes from being formed while being accurate, which decreases how much work you have to do.

How Do You Change A Drill Bit?

If you’re going to be purchasing some new drill bits, you might want to know how to change drill bits on your cordless drill if you’re a beginner.

The good news is that it’s really easy.

Here are the simple steps to follow when you need to change a drill bit attachment so you can get to work with your drilling or DIY job.

  • First, loosen the chuck on the drill. Your drill has a chuck at the end of it that can be loosened or tightened. Hold it with one hand and hold the handle of the drill with the other. Turn the chuck in a counterclockwise direction so that it loosens. When you loosen the chuck, you’ll see that the jaws which hold onto the drill bit will open. This is where you’ll have to place your drill bit. Loosening the chuck will also loosen the drill bit that is in the chuck, so you can pull it out.
  • Take the new drill bit that you want to use. Hold it with your index finger and thumb, keeping the drill bit’s smooth part (known as the shank) in a position so that it’s facing the chuck jaws.
  • Place the bit into the chuck.
  • Squeeze the trigger. This is important to ensure that you tighten the bit so it won’t move out of place or wobble. You should hold the bit to keep it in place while you are pulling the trigger.
  • Click the ratcheting mechanism. Some drills come with a ratcheting mechanism. This is there to put more force on the drill bit. If you have one on your drill, make sure you click it. Then, twist it in a clockwise movement. 

Related Questions

How long does your drill’s battery need to charge?

You should leave it to charge for about eight hours to ensure it’s fully charged.

This should give you about three hours in which to use it.

How can you loosen a drill bit that’s stuck?

Remove the chuck assembly by putting the drill assembly into a vice.

Carefully tighten the vice around the front part of the chuck.

Make sure you move counterclockwise with your Channellock pliers.

This should make the drill bit loosen and come out.


You’ll never see your drill in the same way again after reading about all the different drill bit attachments you can use on it!

From brush attachments to flexible extensions and more, this article has featured eight essential drill bit attachments you should have, whether you’re a professional, DIY enthusiast, or just someone who uses a drill every now and then but wants the right tools and accessories on hand.

As you know, when you have the right tools for the job, your job will be much easier and enjoyable to do.

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