With an interesting slogan that ‘nothing but heavy duty’, the company Milwaukee entered into the tool industry back in 1924. It is tough to know a lot more about the insight of the company, the history and other details as the company was never vocal about it. This is a US based company now but the company has seen many hand changes in last one hundred years. Whenever anybody talks about this company, there are actually two aspects of taking about this company.

So, there can be two things in general that people are talking about when it is Milwaukee. One is that this is a great brand and their relation with their consumers and potential consumers is great. This is actually true. There is hardly any consumer that can be found who will tell that the experience of buying from this company was bad. The experience is always awesome and that is a big thing for any company. Now, the other angle is interesting. Whenever people tried to find information about this company, they always hit on the wall. The company is not vocal about their history and their website or office do not say much either. A few years ago, one guy interviewed this company to get more insights and the results were interesting. When they asked them about the history the office men replied that the history is not important and the only thing that is important is how the customers are responding and how the company is benefiting the consumers. The reply was interesting and it shows that this is a customer-centric company but the fans obviously want to know a lot more.


So the company was first found in the year 1924 by someone called A. F. Siebert. This was initially a power tool company and the company didn’t do that well in the first run. The headquarters was established in Milwaukee, Wiscoonsin and that is where the name came from. The company did not do very well in the initial three years but then things started to change. The company hired a lot of people as they wanted to dominate the industry. They were able to dominate up to some extent and the company was doing well till 70s. In 1975, the company was first sold to Amstar. If you want to know about this company, you have to be very careful here as the company has seen way too many hand transfers as we said above.

So Amstar who was a food company bought Milwaukee in 1975. This was a 100% closed deal which means that the company had to sell everything to that new company. The new company tried to work on the tool industry but they quickly found out that the industry is not what they expected. In the mean time, big companies such as DeWalt, Black & Decker and many more were also merging and growing bigger and better. At this time, the company decided that they should sell the business again. They searched for potential customers and Merrill Lynch acquired the business in the year 1986.

Now, Merrill Lynch is basically a wealth management division of Bank of America. So basically, Bank of America acquired the company in the year 1986 and it was not a good impression for the company. A lot of employees were sacked and a lot left on their own because they thought this company has no future. This was a tricky situation but this was not the end of the day as Atlas Copco bought the company from Merrill in 1995.

Now, Atlas is a Swedish company who tried to run this business. The business actually started to produce profit but not too much. Customer end was happy but the production end along with the manufacturing operation was the problem. Atlas then sold this business to Techtronic in 2005 and Techtronic is the current successful owner of Milwaukee.

It looks like Techtronic now knows how to run this company as they are successfully running it and the customer and the back end are happy about how things are going. The company is producing instruments, accessories and obviously power and hand tools. They are doing well but people expect them to do a lot better with the big history.

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