If you ever did a little research about power tools or especially hand tools in the market or even in the digital world, you must have heard the name of this company called DeWalt. We are going to know everything about this manufacturing giant in today’s article.


The first interesting thing that you should know about DeWalt is that it is not a mother company but it is a production company. You also know the name of the parent company which is Stanley Black & Decker. By the initial 1920s, the parent company Black & Decker was getting super popular. The company was dominating the market with new inventions such as hand drill and consumers loved those products too. It was an era of production when you could sell everything if you could make them.


Dewalt Guaranteed Tough Hero


The company knew about this situation and they grabbed the opportunity with positive hands. The reason behind we are saying positive hands is because that the company did not exploit situations. They actually made things better. Anyways, soon the parent company introduced a brand to the market which was the famous DeWalt. DeWalt is a global brand that produces hand tool and power tool from the year 1924. Soon after starting operation, the mother company understood that DeWalt became so big that it could not be operated anymore under the shed of the mother company. What did they do then? They simply made it a separate unit so that it can run as a complete business on its own. If you have a little understanding of business, you will know that this is a tough task for the parent company and a parent company doesn’t always do this unless the brand is way too popular. At times, it was found that people didn’t know about Black & Decker but they knew about DeWalt which was both interesting and irritating for the parent company. It was interesting because the company was actually making money for the parent company but it was embarrassing too because nobody wants their subsidy to be more popular than the main company.


The main DeWalt brand was first introduced in the year 1924 by a guy named Raymond E. DeWalt. This is the person who invented radial arm saw which was the best selling tool of that time. The company was growing popular with this product along with some other cool products and eventually became an Inc. corporation in the year 1947 when the Second World War was happening.


Well, the company kept growing and getting bigger and better. By the way, this was the time when the company was still operating on own. It was not owned by Black & Decker at that time. So the company kept growing and at one point, the company decided that they couldn’t take it anymore as their supply line was not big enough to fund and manufacture that growing list of orders. They wanted to sell the business and guess what? The B&D was ready to buy. The transfer happened in 1960s and it is considered as one of the most successful business selling-buying scenario in the world of home tools.


The business was at one side and the innovation along with getting attached with the consumers was on another different side. In the year of 1992, Black & Decker decided that they should rebrand their power tools to DeWalt as it was the more popular and demanding brand at that time. DeWalt was already producing a ton of own products too. So in total, they had around 200 brands at that time along with 800 different accessories. This was huge and the result was almost immediate. In the year 1994, DeWalt bought a company called ELU. It was a German based company and DeWalt took it over successfully.


DeWalt is considered as one of the safest tool makers of this generation. They were the sponsor of NASCAR driver Matt for around ten years till 2009 and at this time period, Matt won around 18 races with the help of DeWalt tools which gave people assurance that DeWalt is actually worth buying.


If you have ever used a DeWalt product, the chance is pretty high that you will go back to the brand again.

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