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Black & Decker


If you are a bit familiar with companies who produce power tools, you must have heard the name of Black & Decker. Black & Decker is a company that is an expert of power tools and produces not only the basic tools but also accessories, hardware and tech based products that are related to house and office tool requirements. Black & Decker is basically a USA based company which was founded by two partners. Let’s know a bit more about this interesting company throughout the article.

So the company first came into operation in the year 1910 which is hundred and ten years before than today. That is a long time and nobody in any category of business operates that long successfully unless they provide quality product or services. That is why you can easily depend on this company with any products that they come up with. They are the Apple of the home improvement tools who make reliable and durable products. So, you already know that the company was found in 1910 and it was founded by two men named as S. Duncan Black & Alonzo G. Decker. Now, let me ask you that million dollar question. Can you tell me how the name of this company was Black & Decker? Well, it was a joke and I think you get that.

Black & Decker

So the company was doing well and the numbers were reflecting that too. For an example, in the year 2008 the company had revenue of 6 billion USD which was 8% more than the year before. The company has around 27 thousand employees all over the world and the number is increasing regularly. The headquarters of this company is located at Towson which is in Maryland, U.S.

If you are confusing Black & Decker with Stanley Black & Decker then you are actually on the right track. In the year 2010, Black & Decker decided that they should merge with another company called Stanley Works which was actually a Fortune 500 company that used to produce hardware for home and outside. They were an indirect competition to Black & Decker and both the companies together decided that if they merge together, this will be a good message for all other competitors in the market. That interesting merge happened in March 12 and Black & Decker became Stanley Black & Decker. The company went under the Stanley’s but it remained as an independent subsidy so that the company can run on its own.

Black & Decker has tremendous contribution in the world of home equipments. Previously, people didn’t even think that they can go for a drill in their house wall without any help from an expert. It was a tough job back then and everyone needed a lot of equipments to do so. It is Black & Decker who came up with a solution. They are the first company who invented that portable electric drill machine which changed the landscape of the home tool industry. The company actually has a patent on the triggering style of drilling machines which proves that they are the one who actually invented this product and if other companies want to use that same technology or style, they will have to pay or take permission from Black & Decker.

If there is one thing that differentiates Black & Decker from other companies in the market in this industry then that will be the digital presence. We get that a lot of companies now sell online but this company took the whole thing into another level. They understood that they can serve their customers better using internet and immediately they went for a cool website with 24 hours live chat feature. If you visit their website, you will actually find everything that you need as a customer, as a seller or even as a shopkeeper. They made things simple and easy for everyone to access and that is why their relation with the customers is far better than their competitors.

The company does not always produce products on their own name. They have brand names for different products such as DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Delta Machinery & many more. Each of them are equally successful in today’s market.

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