The Best Colours To Use In Your Working Space

Best Colours For Your Working Space

Whether you work from a home office or in a communal office at a place of work, there is no denying the impact on your productivity and mood that choosing to personalise the space you occupy can have. Having said that, did you know that the specific colour you choose can significantly help or hinder your ability to work well?

Here are some of the most popular colour choices used globally in home office and workplace colour schemes, and the impact that they can have:



Red is generally considered to be a heated colour and one of aggression, but in addition - according to a study by the University of Rochester - it can actually reduce your ability to think critically too. The study found that students who were exposed to the colour before a test performed poorly, and that sports people most often lost to opponents wearing red clothing.


A sister colour to red, pink produces the opposite effect by significantly calming the viewer. We’ve all heard the tales about the Premier League football teams who paint their opposing team’s locker room pink, and this is the thinking behind it! Pink would be a great choice for anywhere heated discussion might take place, such as boardrooms or meeting rooms.


According to a poll carried out by YouGov, blue is the world’s favourite colour, so by selecting this shade in a workplace environment you have the greatest chance of keeping everyone happy. Like pink, blue is another calming colour, but it also promotes communication and efficiency.


Often regarded as being a neutral and inoffensive colour, grey can have some surprising detrimental effects. According to colour psychologists, grey is a suppressive colour bringing about a lack of confidence, and in extreme cases even depression.


Much like blue, green is a calming colour, but also one that encourages creativity and dialogue. It’s usefulness for sparking innovation was noted in another study, by Andrew Elliot, for the University of Rochester, that was published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.


Considering the amount of blank white walls we see every day, it’s astounding to learn that perhaps this could be the worst colour to decorate your home office or workplace with. Research conducted by the University of Texas found that participants made significantly more errors in their given task when working in a white room, also becoming bored more easily.

For the most positive effects, blue or green are the best colours to introduce into your working environment. The easiest way to get the benefit of these colours is to paint the walls of your office with your chosen hue. However, if your space is smaller – as is often the case with home offices - then choosing an accent wall could work better. If you are unable to paint the walls, then try introducing the colour with pieces of furniture and new décor such as office chairs, rugs or some beautiful artwork.

However you choose to decorate, and whichever colour you choose, perhaps the only real rule of thumb to follow would be: don’t leave the walls white!

Content written by Georgina Sugden

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