20V MAX vs. 18V Batteries: The Ultimate Showdown

20V MAX Vs. 18V Batteries The Ultimate Showdown

When we talk about cordless power tool systems and choosing between 20V MAX and 18V batteries, a lot of people tend to get extremely confused.

Using 18 volt batteries with heavy-duty tools has been a standard for ages. However, 20V MAX batteries are quickly becoming the next big thing.

A lot of power tool users have different queries regarding the dilemma of 20V MAX vs. 18V batteries.

What difference do a few volts make in the long run? How does this difference affect tool performance? What are the benefits and drawbacks of this new battery line for companies?

While the above questions are quite common when it comes to power tool systems and batteries, for most individuals the final decision comes down to a device that seems to deliver more power.

20V MAX certainly sounds like a device that packs quite a lot of power. However, contrary to common belief, 18V batteries are just as powerful.

Here is a detailed comparison of 18V vs. 20V MAX batteries to guide you further and help you make a final informed decision about which one to buy to fulfill your specific needs.

18V vs. 20V MAX Batteries: What Exactly Is the Difference?

drills with different batteries

In order to understand the mechanics and the design of the two batteries, we started to take them apart.

Once we did so, we realized that both are designed and manufactured in quite a similar way. A wire connects each group of five cells in a parallel arrangement.

This arrangement ensures that the battery delivers a large amount of amp hours and also offers good capacity when it comes to watt hours.

After studying the cells in detail, it was revealed that both the batteries come with different voltage ratings. While one uses a nominal voltage rating, the other uses the maximum one.

The nominal voltage rating of every cell in a 20V or 18V battery is 3.6 volts. When put together, this number translates to nominal 18 volts.

On the other hand, the maximum voltage rating of every cell in a 20V or 18V battery is 4 volts. When put together, this measurement translates to 20 volts maximum.

Therefore, we conclude that the manufacturers of the 20-volt MAX batteries use the maximum rating whereas the manufacturers of the 18-volt batteries use the nominal voltage rating.

18V and 20V MAX batteries thus deliver the same amount of power with the only difference being in the way they are labeled and advertised.

Believe it or not, the power tools that are designed to work with the standard 18V batteries can also work with the 20V MAX ones.

18V vs. 20V Drill: Which One Should You Buy and Why?

Now that you have realized that there is actually no real difference between an 18V and a 20V MAX battery, let’s move to the next section of this article; choosing the right drill.

When it comes to the comparison of 18V vs. 20V drill, there can be significant differences to note.

Here is all you need to know about the differences between various drills that use different types of batteries in order make the right choice:


18v and 20v batteries

When buying a battery, remember that it is highly likely for a drill that uses a 20V MAX battery to be sold at a higher price than one that uses an 18V battery.

Do not spend extra amount of money on a power tool just because only a 20V MAX battery is compatible with it.

Instead, compare rates of multiple high-quality drills on the market and purchase one that suits your budget. With no difference in power, it doesn’t make sense to spend extra on just a more elaborate name.


The usability of a drill contributes greatly to its exceptionality as a power tool.

It is good practice to purchase a power drill that comes with advanced features such as sound notifications and light indicators. These things add to the convenience for the user.

You can also look for a drill that allows you to control torque and speed by offering multiple setting options.

We believe that it is better to pick a drill that uses an 18V battery that comes with multiple beneficial features instead of selecting a 20V drill that doesn’t offer additional features.


When it comes to the torque; regardless of the type of drill you purchase, it is important to consider the product that offers you the maximum torque.

If the 20V MAX drill provides higher torque than the 18V drill, you should go for it and vice versa.

Before you favor one drill over the other, make sure you also keep other specifications and features in mind.

Remember, the higher the torque of a power drill, the better results it will provide especially when being used on hard surfaces.


Before making your final purchase, conduct some researches and carry out comparisons in order to find the best brands in the market.

Find the most trustworthy names and create a list of the top ones. Then sift through the models of drills that they are selling.

Brands such as Dewalt and Makita are among the most reputable and established ones.

Weight and Size

cordless drill with large battery

The weight and size of a power drill are also two essential factors to consider before you finally make your purchase. A drill that is extremely heavy in weight might cause a lot of problems in the middle of your drilling project.

Not only it can get exhausting to move the equipment from one location to another but your hands can also get easily tired by holding the tool in one place for too long.

The ideal size of a drill depends upon your personal and professional needs. Decide what you are going to use your power drill for.

For tighter spaces, you might need a drill that is compact and slim. On the other hand, individuals working in a larger space have the feasibility to select whatever size they want.


In the 18V vs. 20V drill dilemma, you know that there isn’t any difference when it comes to delivering power, therefore, it might be best practice to look for other factors that make one drill trump the other.

Accessories such as drill attachments allow you to execute your projects in a shorter time span and enable you to achieve better accuracy.

Therefore, it’s best to select a drill that is compatible to be used in conjunction with various accessories.

18V vs. 20V Drill: How to Identify the Best Brand of Cordless Drills for Your Needs

Milwaukee and Dewalt are two of the most trustworthy as well as reputable drill brands out there.

They are known for manufacturing quality drills and other durable innovative tools that offers the users to enjoy maximum applications.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you when we say that choosing between these two brands might be your best bet to finding a quality product suitable for all your needs.

Here is a detailed look into the Dewalt vs. Milwaukee battle to help you find a power drill that is right for you:

DEWALT Compact Hammer Drill Kit (DCD795D) – 20V MAX Drill

Dewalt DCD795D2

The Dewalt Compact Hammer Drill Kit (DCD795D) is one of the most remarkable and powerful drill kits in the market.

One feature of this product that makes it top-notch is its brushless motor. The specially designed motor makes the drill capable of offering over 57% run time than other drill kits in the market that feature a brush motor.

One more benefit that comes with this type of motor is that it increases the lifespan of the overall product and it prevents it from extreme wear and tear.

This is mainly possible because of the absence of damaging effects such as excessive friction.

Variable Torque Rating and Speeds

The Dewalt drill features 2-speed settings; 0-600/2000 RPM and 0-250 BPM. Users dealing with various drilling and fastening applications can benefit greatly with the former.

While the latter enable masonry and quick fastening applications.

Additionally, a metal 1/2 inch ratcheting chuck and a comfortable grip area have been provided by the manufacturer in order to deliver better balance and maximum support.

Size and Weight

This drill weighs approximately 3.6 lbs. This provides users with a lightweight tool that they can easily use for projects that take much longer to finish.

You don’t have to worry about your hands exhausting or carrying heavy-duty equipment back and forth.

This power tool measures 7.8 inches front-to-back and therefore it is considered as one of the most compact and easy-to-handle options in the market. Its compact size allows you to hold it more easily and work in small, confined spaces.

Moreover, the ergonomic design farther contributes to its usability in terms of providing comfort and control.

Battery Power (20V Max Battery)

dewalt charger and battery

This product comes with two pairs of XR Lithium-Ion batteries that prevents any disruption and allows you to work easily without experiencing any downtime. With two batteries, you can use one while charging the other at a charging port nearby.

One more benefit to these quality batteries is that they recharge quickly. According to experts, these batteries have the ability to provide 33% more power than other standard battery packs.

Product Warranty

The Dewalt Compact Hammer Drill Kit (DCD795D) comes with a 3-year warranty. Therefore, many customers have a lot of confidence in this product.

This long-term warranty period indicates that the manufacturer is quite confident with their creation. Moreover, it guarantees customers compensation if they face any issues within the given time period.

Additional Features

Along with all the amazing features described above, this drill comes with an LED light that offers a 20 second trigger release delay.

This specific feature allows individuals to work easily during nighttime and in poorly lit areas by giving out extraordinary illumination.

Other than the powerful DCD795 1/2 inch hammer drill, this package includes the following items:

  • On-board bit holder
  • Fast charger
  • Belt hook

Things We Didn’t Like About This Cordless Drill

One downside to this power tool is that it is relatively more costly than other drill available in the market. However, the superior performance and exceptional features make up for its high cost.

Another concern that users have regarding this drill is its chuck. Some customers have reported that the chuck comes lose sometimes in the middle of a project.

This causes the pace and the progress of the project to slow down and doesn’t allow users to complete their tasks with the precision they desire.

Final Thoughts

The Dewalt Compact Hammer Drill Kit (DCD795D) is one of the most powerful drills in the market today.

Not only does it pack the power that many require but it also allows you to choose from multiple settings. It is compact, lightweight and offers maximum control.

While the high cost might be issue for some, remember the 3-year warranty guarantees that your money will not go to waste in case of minor faults!

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Milwaukee Fuel Hammer Drill Kit (2604-22 M18) – 18V Drill

Milwaukee 2604-22 M18

The Milwaukee 2604-22 M18 Fuel Hammer Drill Kit is considered to be the biggest rival to the aforementioned Dewalt DCD795D drill kit. This powerful drill machine delivers a speed of approximately 1850 RPM and 750 BPM.

Like the Dewalt drill, the Milwaukee drill also features 2-speed settings which allow users to select a speed according to the unique requirements of the task at hand.

As this drill is cordless, you can easily move it from one location to another. This drill delivers 25% more power and twice the run-time when compared to other options in the market.

Weight and Size

The estimated weight of this drill is 5 lbs. Therefore, it offers a lightweight option to users and allows them to carry the drill for longer time periods and that too with ease.

The compact size of this tool enables customers to work in small, confined spaces with limited room.

When it comes to the design of this drill, one another remarkable feature is the contoured soft grip it provides.

While smooth surface handles tend to get wet and slippery after extensive usage, the contoured soft grip allows an easy, non-slippery and comfortable handling experience.

Battery Power (18V Battery)

This drill kit includes two red lithium-ion batteries. The pair of batteries ensures less downtime and more efficiency. You can use one battery while the other charges.

The construction of the drill is quite secure and sturdy. It prevents the batteries from damaging quickly and enables them to remain in a good condition for a longer period of time.

The Redlink Plus technology this drill is manufactured with ensures maximum control and protection.

The technology successfully monitors several aspects of the power tool and prevents it from overload, over-discharging and over-heating.

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drilling wall with M18

The Milwaukee 2604-22 M18 features a brushless motor which adds to the durability of the product.

The brushless motor promotes a longer lifespan for the drill and makes it quite sturdy and robust. One more reason for this product’s durability is its plastic and metal construction.

It also comes with an onboard fuel gauge that allows you to precisely monitor the power level of the drill and avoid any unwanted and unnecessary downtime.

Product Warranty

This power tool comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

This long time period indicates that this quality product is extremely durable. In case your drill gets faulty, you don’t need to worry about the compensation as the warranty ensures maximum customer support.

Things We Didn’t Like About This Cordless Drill

When it comes to drawbacks, there are two we have noticed about this power drill.

The first one is that it doesn’t come with a convenient bit holder like power drills from brands like Makita and Dewalt do.

The other downside to this product is that you might experience a longer charge time. This could cause a delay in the completion of your drilling project.

Final Thoughts

The Milwaukee 2604-22 M18 18V drill is a reasonably priced product relatively.

It is also one of the most powerful drills in the market today. This device packs power as well as durability.

While it doesn’t come with a bit holder, it offers a lot of remarkable features such as a brushless motor, variable 2-speed settings, Redlink Plus technology and more that make up for this little downside.

Bottom Line

Now that you know all about 20V Max vs. 18V batteries and 18V vs. 20V drills, it’s time to make a final decision.

We hope that with the aforementioned extensive comparisons and all the detailed information about batteries and drills, you found something worth your while!

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